Gaurav & Harshita

January 27th, 2020
Hotel Orchid, Shamli

Save the date

January 27th, 2020
Hotel Orchid, Shamli

The life changing moment is about to arrive in the life's of GAURAV GUGLANI & HARSHITA CHAUDHARY. Your blessings as important as you are in the family. You are precious gem of my life and our family. The honor of your presence is requested at the ring ceremony. Eagerly waiting for you and your blessings.
Waiting for whole family to bless us.

Our Love Story

The Story of our love and the Engagement

We love our love story... the ups, the downs, twists & turns, the love that keeps us together through it all. And we love looking back to the day we meet, remembering all the sweet moments that are forever in our heart. We love knowing that time has made us stronger and brought us even closer together. And when we think tomorrow, wondering what our love story will hold, we know it will be wonderful, for we will be sharing it with you.

When Gaurav Guglani met Harshita Chaudhary
That day changed everything
  1. First met
    October 2014
  2. First Dating
    October 2016
  3. Love began
    December 2016
  4. Together since
    December 2016
  5. He proposed
    20 December 2016
Happy ending we will get engaged
Counting the days...

Ring Ceremony

Tilak - Ring Ceremony

Tilak Ceremony
12:00 PM
Ring Ceremony
12:30 PM

Your blessings are Precious

This day for us is special
A time beyond compare
The joy we feel deep in our hearts
We hope you will come and share
Your presence there with us
Means more than words can say
Please try to be there
To celebrate this special day

Sons have always stood as the symbol of pride for parents! So your son moves ahead in life to form a family of his own, it is the right time to tell him how you have always felt for him! It also the best time to wish him and his bride the best for their future life!
We love you Gaurav and Harshita