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A young entrepreneur started her career in 1997, while still pursuing her college degree.

Always in gratitude to her family and Godparents, whose valuable guidance and encouragement contributed to her confidence and perseverance.
Their compassion and conviction in Gunpreet’s potential helped  her find her feet with the NGO sector, where the exposure at such an early age, gave her a mature and intensive insight into the psyche of the human mind while adding to her compassion and people skills.
Her transit to the Corporate world only widened the vision adding to her untiring hunger for growth
Always appreciated for her team spirit and motivational skills, Gunpreet has proved to be an asset to the various roles she undertook.
Her 22 year career started as a hand holder and guide to struggling, battered women and children of the economically challenged families, giving her an understanding far beyond her years.

Let your fingers do the walking

Professional Skills

A corporate professional and a short term entrepreneur she kept on moving and never looked back in her career. She made a strong hold on for her Business Development and Communication skills in the world of various industries like – NGOs, BPOs, Switchgear and Lighting, out door advertisement,  Education etc.

She travelled to various States in India along with other countries to Dwell on new opportunities due to work. This enabled her to have new openings and make statements in her people management, process set up, operations and healthy work environment building. Holding small as well as big teams has reformed her leadership and motivational skills.

Currently heading the marketing and public relations department of a leading Education firm, Gunpreet is looked upon as a mentor and guide by her team and valued by her seniors. She is without doubt enjoying every moment of the challenges in her current role.

Her intention of growing in her current job is a goal she has every intention of achieving because it provides her the opportunity to be on the move and interact with progressive intellectuals.

In addition, it is her endeavour to guide and help those facing roadblocks in their career, helping them overcome self doubt and motivate them on the path of introspection resulting in growth – whatever the age… as she strongly feels, there is no age limit to learn, grow and achieve.


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