Copper Plumbing Tube – NZS 3501

  • hallmark_admin
  • June 20, 2019

Copper Plumbing Tube – NZS 3501

Proven performance for over 100 years – Copper plumbing systems are strong, reliable, easy to bend and retains its shape. It does not burn and has a maximum working temperature of 200 °c

Manufactured to New Zealand Standard NZS3501.

Stock range – Hallmark stocks NZS3501 table 1, 2, 3 copper tubes in 5 meter lengths in sizes from 15mm to 100mm and 150mm by indent order.

Easily repaired where necessary.

Warranty – Backed up by Manufacture’s support, Hallamrk provides 50 years Warranty on all Hallmark copper system.

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